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What is a VPS?

Now it has become quite simple to launch a web portal on your own with all the free-of-charge web design layouts that are obtainable on the World Wide Web along with free-of-cost software applications that are appropriate even for novices. So, many new sites are being built each day, among them online blogs - where the moderator can comment on different issues that suggest themselves, and online galleries - where persons can share images and the stories behind them on the web. These web sites must be hosted somewhere and one suitable web hosting choice is a VPS.

What is a VPS Web Server?

VPS means Virtual Private Server and it behaves like a dedicated hosting server in terms of administration since you obtain complete root-level access with an option to restart the virtual private web hosting server remotely. The VPS web hosting server shares resources with other private virtual web servers that are accommodated on the very same physical machine. This results in a very inexpensive price, which is several times lower than that of a dedicated server and is in fact more akin to shared web page hosting plans in terms of pricing.

Kinds of Private Virtual Hosting Servers

Just as any other hosting variety, VPSs may vary based on various features, but the Operating System is maybe the most apparent difference. Here we have the 2 most important types:

Windows VPS web servers - a VPS server web hosting platform running Windows that will permit software apps which need Windows to function smoothly to be activated on the virtual hosting server.

Linux private virtual hosting servers - a VPS server hosting platform running Linux is the more famous type that you can stumble upon on the Internet because it is more affordable to set up and handle and thus it is more sought after.

VPSs are also very sought after by resellers and you can come across two modes of reselling a VPS:

VPS server web hosting reseller - the reseller purchases a Virtual Private Server and begins selling shared web space hosting packages that are hosted on the VPS hosting server. It is akin to the traditional reseller hosting packages, but here the reseller gains complete root access and can revise the server's configuration.

virtual server reseller - the reseller in fact purchases whole Virtual Private Server hosting packages to sell them to the clients instead of offering shared web hosting packages on a single virtual private hosting server. It is considered more lucrative but also calls for more initial investments to buy the private virtual web hosting server.

Just like any other hosting variety, private virtual web server hosting packages often entail a LAMP software suite. LAMP denotes Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP and determines three more private virtual web server types:

private virtual web hosting servers with the Apache web server software - the Apache web server software is very popular and was the first to surpass the 100 000 000 website milestone back in 2009, so it is naturally popular with virtual hosting servers as well.

Virtual Private Servers with MySQL - MySQL is also a famous relational database management system utilized with plenty of apps and thus often wanted on a virtual private web server.

private virtual hosting servers with PHP - PHP is a scripting language preferred by web developers, thus it is popular with various hosting solutions, including VPS web hosting ones.

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VPS Deal VPS Value VPS Expert
Monthly Price $25.00
per month
per month
per month
Web Content Space 11 GB 22 GB 45 GB
Web Hosting Traffic 300 GB 600 GB 1000 GB
Memory (RAM) 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB
CPU Share Equal Equal Equal
Dedicated IP 1
2 with CP
2 with CP
2 with CP
SSH Access
Server Root Access
Control Panel
Hosted Site Names Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
OS (Operating System) CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Service Continuity