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Joomla Web Hosting

If you are new to the web and you want to create your very first online blog, or you are looking for a substitute for the web design software that you are now utilizing, you may try a PHP script-based content management system (CMS) application.

Joomla - Probably The Most Popular PHP-driven Script

A CMS (Content Management System) software platform is a collection of features administered through a single Control Panel that permits you to set up and handle web pages easily. You can look at it as a framework, or a turn-key web site, on top of which you begin developing and configuring your own personal online portal. The most famous open-source content management app is Joomla, and it is among the finest options you can select from to create your web portal.

A Few Facts About The Joomla Open-source Content Management Platform

Joomla is an open-source PHP-powered script invented and maintained by 100's of volunteers working in cooperation in the Joomla Project organization. It can run on any hosting platform that supports PHP and MySQL databases, so you can use it with any web space hosting solution - from a free-of-cost to a shared website hosting plan. And why not to a virtual hosting server or a dedicated server? The installation takes only several minutes, or if your web hosting distributor provides this option, you can utilize a script installer that would accomplish the assignment for you.

NTCHosting (Joomla)
per month
Data Space: Unlimited
Server Traffic: Unlimited
Domains Hosted: 10
eMail Addresses: 500
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Free Domain Name Registration: Yes
InnoDB: Yes
Node.js: Optional
Memcached: Optional
Service Uptime: 99.9% Uptime

Set up Interactive Web Sites, It's Comparatively Simple

Once Joomla is installed, you can sign in to the administrator back-end and start creating feature-rich sites, articles, or any other textual, visual and aural content you can recall. Several instances of pages that you can develop with the Content Management System script are personal or church web sites, educational web sites, electronic journals and newspapers, e-commerce pages, or social network sites.

An Immense Collection of Joomla Site Layouts

The strength of Joomla comes from its large community and the infinite multitude of persons who contrive Joomla templates and add-ons that permit you to attach many new features to your online portal and endow it with an inimitable facade. There are literally thousands of add-ons to pick from, and because the PHP-powered script is open-source and free to use, so are all the plug-ins and the site layouts available on the Joomla web site. The installation is really simple - all you have to do is upload the add-on files to the applicable folder in your web page hosting account, then log in to the Joomla administrator panel and install that given plug-in from a table with all the plug-ins that you presently have at your disposal.

Multiple-Language Support

Both the admin back-end and the given web page that you develop can be in any language, which renders Joomla the most relevant option for translating a site in several languages so that if you would like to set up a corporate website, for example, you can target customers from different countries. The administration is carried out via interfaces known as Managers, which permit you to control every aspect of your portal - multimedia, languages, site layouts, plug-ins, users.

Stable Joomla Web Hosting

NTCHosting is one of the service providers that include Joomla with each and every site hosting account of theirs. It can be quickly activated via their one-click PHP script installer, and you can install it during the registration process, or you can activate it subsequently. The company furnishes unmetered hosting solutions at cheap rates so that you could create any sort of web page utilizing Joomla and not worry about resources.

Joomla - The First Option for Rookies and Expert Users

Although Joomla is very simple to use, it also contains lots of sophisticated functionalities and allows web developers to build custom catalogs, reservation software systems, data-reporting tools or e-business platforms. This functionality makes the CMS script the most popular CMS software and it is the first choice of both novices and qualified developers.